Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Welcome to the world, Hannah!

Our friends, Josh & Diane Hargon have a new baby girl at their house. Hannah Hope Hargon was born Sunday, September 14th. I went to see her at the hospital after she was born ( a couple of times...I couldn't stay away!) but never posted any of those pictures on the blog. I put them all on Diane's facebook instead.

Sunday night, after business meeting, our family headed over to their house so we could visit with them. It was Jonah's first time to meet Hannah. Diane wanted me to bring him to the hospital but I wasn't sure that was a good idea. She said he could hold her so he immediately sat down and waited for "da baby" to be put in his arms.

He was really sweet and gentle with her. The next picture was actually pretty good until Toby realized he was being left out of the action so he came over to get in the picture.
He was so sweet with Hannah, but when he was done, he was DONE! He just let go and started to get up. I sure am glad I was holding on to her still.

Dan was more than happy to hold her! It is amazing what fatherhood does to a man!!! Before Jonah, Dan never would have held a baby. Now, he patiently waits his turn but he always wants a turn. The other interesting fact about that is when he would visit hospitals to see new babies before Jonah was born, I would always ask what the baby weighed, time of birth, etc. He would always say he didn't know. Now that he lived through the experience, he can tell you all the birth stats after every hospital visit. So sweet!

Check out Hannah's hair! The kid has some serious hair!! Diane said Marlie was the same way. There is just something about a baby with lots of hair!!

I had to introduce you to Hannah since you will see lots more pictures of her in the posts to come. Jonah and Marlie are the best of friends so I have a feeling, Hannah will join in their fun before too much longer!!


Baylee's Mommy said...

Great pics. I love tiny babies! She does have a head full of it!

Anonymous said...

Love babies and she is a doll!


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