Friday, September 5, 2008


This video may not be funny to anyone who does not know Josh Wilson. But, if you do, I have a feeling you will laugh as hard as Amanda is laughing in the background. (Yes, that constant laughter is from Amanda...his wife!) Let me set this up for you.

Last month, we all made the plunge into the MAC world. Dan joined the MAC society in July of 2006. He has been trying to convince me to take the plunge over the past two years. I finally did it and Josh, Amanda and Tommy all followed the same week. Josh tends to copy most everything I do, so that wasn't a huge surprise. (Josh, get your own blog so you can dispute this fact!) Seriously, we have the same furniture, the same TV, the same ceiling fans, the same china, the same car until I got a van, etc. (In all of our defense, we REALLY aren't that gooby as to copy each other! We didn't even know each other when any of those purchases were made. (except for the TV and he totally copied us on that!)

Well, once we all got our MAC's, it has been very easy to video chat with them on a regular basis. Josh, who was a little kid-shy in the beginning has become one of Jonah's most favorite people in the world. He thinks Josh is hilarious! This should give you a small reason why. This is Josh's version of Sesame Street!!!


Anonymous said...

Josh is funnnnnny!!!

Jami Ainsworth said...

I love Jonah's reaction...sort of like he wasn't to sure what to think!


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