Tuesday, September 9, 2008

First Day of Preschool 2008

Well, my little boy has started preschool again.  The first day didn't have all of the pomp and circumstance that last year held but it was an exciting day, nonetheless.  He goes to daycare on Tuesday and Thursday at one place then goes to Preschool Monday, Wednesday and Friday at a different place.  For a while, I toyed with just leaving him in daycare Monday through Friday but I really wanted him back in the program at Jefferson Street.  He learned so much there last year.  I know it will be an adjustment on him to be in a different place each day but I think the benefit far outweighs the difficulty of the whole experience.  

Jonah started the day with some help getting ready from his daddy.  That little boy loves getting ready beside his daddy.  I think he feels so grown up when he shares the mirror with Dan.  It is cute to watch him try to do everything Dan does.  

While Dan helped Jonah with his morning routine, I was busy with a little princess!  Julia Smith is 7 months younger than Jonah.  She is starting the toddler class at Jefferson Street this year.  Her mom goes to work at 6 and her dad has to be there at 8 but preschool doesn't start until 9.  So, on Monday and Wednesday, they are dropping Julia off to us.  Jonah thinks it is so fun to have a friend to play with in the morning.  
Before we headed out for the day, I put their backpacks on them in an attempt to get a cute picture of them together.  Yeah, didn't happen!  Jonah stopped to read his bulldog book.  The Mallory's gave it to him for Christmas a couple of years ago but I've kept it away from him in fear of him tearing the pages.  I pulled it out the day of the Tech/State game and he has been obsessed with it since.  

They quickly lost the backpacks and gave them to me to carry.  I told them it was time to go and Jonah grabbed Julia's hand.  It was so sweet.  It was sweet to see him help her and lead her to the door.  I even got them to sit together for one picture in the van before getting in car seats.  AND, they almost smiled for the picture!

Can I tell you just how odd it is to look in the backseat and see 2 car seats??  Whoa!  AND, it is even more odd for one of those to be PINK!!!
We got to school early enough for me to take a few pictures of Jonah in the same spot on the steps as last year.  But, because I was trying to hold Julia while taking the picture and because I didn't have Dan there to make him look at me and smile while I was taking the picture, it didn't come out too great!  AND, Jonah did not want his picture taken because he wanted "Ju-Ju" in the picture too!  Go HERE to read about that day and see those pictures!

Getting one of them together was almost impossible.  Julia did not want to sit there for a picture.  I was able to get this one before she got away.  I think it is so cute of her.  
I love the next picture.  It was so cute to see them walking down the sidewalk wearing their backpacks.  I have pictures like this last year of Jonah and Marlie walking down the sidewalk together.  What about my kid having a date both years for the first day of preschool???  He is already so much cooler than Dan & I ever were!

Jonah was delighted to discover his name was on a FIRETRUCK!!!  I showed him the hook and he hung his own backpack up.  Sniff, sniff...such the big boy!

We walked into his classroom and he was thrilled to see Marlie.  They immediately hugged each other.  It was the first time he had seen some of his friends since May.  He told me who they were in case I forgot!
I put him down to leave and he cried...A LOT!  That threw me for a loop.  He never cried last year!!!  But, in thinking about it, I came up with several possible reasons why.
  • Julia-  He isn't used to sharing his mommy so I'm sure that threw him for a loop
  • Gustav-  He didn't go to school or daycare last week because of Hurricane Gustav
  • New Room & New Teachers
  • Everything is changing these days.  He moved to a new class at daycare 2 weeks ago.  He moved to a new class at church Sunday.
  • He just loves his mommy so much that he can't bear to be without her!  (OK...I'm only wishing that were the case!!!)

After I left him and worried about him all day, I went back to pick him up and found him completely okay.  He was entranced in story time and seemed to do great.  
Before you look at the next picture, be sure to go HERE to look at what his first project was last year.  I was quite concerned about his artistic ability on that day.  I feel much better this year with his first project!  He was so proud of this one and couldn't wait to show me.  I thought it was AWESOME!!

Before leaving his classroom, he took a little bit of time to show me the fort.  I think he was quite impressed with it.  He decided then it was time to play and be okay with that classroom.  I'm hoping that feeling sticks when I drop him off tomorrow morning!!

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Joey, Jennifer, Jordyn and Jana Claire said...

Oh my...he has grown so much in a year! They just grow up too fast!


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