Sunday, September 21, 2008

The boat

Last Saturday, I walked beside Jonah as he drove down the street in his motorized car. He is almost too big for it so we use it as often as we can these days. Dan was thick in the middle of papers for school so I wanted to escape the school setting and get some fresh air. We drove around for a while then noticed Cliff's boat was in the driveway. Jonah spotted it and steered his little Tot Rod right over.

I put him in Cliff's boat but watched him pretty closely because I know nothing about boats or the buttons on them. I was scared he would mess something up. After we played in the boat for about 15 minutes, Beppa walked outside. I was under the impression that they were both gone since her car wasn't there. But, it was only Cliff that was gone so she came out to play with us for a while.

After a little while, Cliff drove up and Jonah promptly told him to "get in!" Cliff was very obedient to his favorite 2 year old by hopping right in the boat. Jonah made sure to tell him where to sit.

After Cliff and Jonah backed the boat under the carport, he started drying the boat off. Beppa gave Jonah a cloth so he could help Cliff. As you can see, Jonah used his hand to dry the boat and just held the rag.

Jonah had a BLAST in Cliff's boat. He had even more fun just hanging out with Cliff and Beppa. He was most impressed that Cliff's boat was "like Jonah's shirt!" I tried to tell him Cliff bought it in support of the MS State Bulldogs but Cliff negated that.

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