Saturday, September 27, 2008

Art Projects (week 3)

You probably can't tell it from the picture above, but that is a worksheet to teach kids to cut. It was Jonah's first time to use scissors. After the cut on each line, the got to glue their paper to a piece of construction paper. Mrs. Tan says Jonah was adamant about using a pink sheet. Hmmm...

They used their thumbprints again to make a caterpillar. Between last year at Jefferson Street and this year at Jefferson Street, I think we have made every imaginable thing using our thumbprints!!! I love it!
Also, in honor of the letter C, he decorated his own cupcake. He made sure to tell me "Mommy not eat it, Jonah eat it!"
They made a really cool C book. Inside the book were die cuts glued to each page. Each die cut was something that started with a C. He was very happy to show us what was on each page.

I think he had a really good time making this clown because he talked about it for a while yesterday. "I dit it, I maked da clown!"
He got a sticker when he was leaving and you might guess, it was a CAKE sticker since cake starts with C!
I would assume this is a cat? Obviously, our coloring skills aren't the best! HA!

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