Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Our Saturday

Saturday morning, my mom called to see if we wanted to drive to Brookhaven to meet her for lunch at The Cracker Barrel.  That is almost a halfway point between our two houses.  I had somethings I needed to do that day but put that off so we could go meet her.  I want Jonah to grow up knowing his grandparents and appreciated the effort on her part to see him.  So, we loaded up and headed to Brookhaven.  Dan was swamped with church stuff because he had been at NOBTS for his first D.Min class.  

Jonah was pretty hungry when we arrived so I figured he would eat pretty well.  Unfortunately, the large amount he ate was not food but large quantities of butter and jelly!  Yeah, butter and jelly!  He used a spoon to eat all the butter and then licked the jelly right out of the pack.   I ordered him a kids meal but by the time it came, he wasn't hungry.  He was full of butter and jelly!!!  Hey, who am I to say he is a picky eater?  ;-)

After a while at the table, I whisked Jonah away to the bathroom so he could use the potty.  Let me begin this by saying those of you with little girls are SO lucky when it comes to potty training.  Pretty much you just take them and let them sit.  Well, a little boy's anatomy isn't the same (obviously) and you have to make some adjustments when you take him to a public potty.  (I am seriously considering carrying a potty seat every where I go!!)  Well, I sat him on the potty and as I reached over to get some tissue to point "things" downward, he began to tee-tee.  Unfortunately, the stream went straight and sprayed both of my legs.  Yes, he peed all over me!!!  Nothing like walking out of the bathroom with your son's urine all over your legs.  Maybe I should start taking extra clothes FOR ME every where we go!!!
While we were at Cracker Barrel, my mom bought Jonah a MSU jersey/pants set.  I was so excited because Dan has wanted a state jersey for him since he was born.  We found some early on but a 2T was WAAAAY too big for our baby.  Now, our baby is a 2T.  Wow, where has the time gone?

When we got home, we went to Jonah's room and put new State clothes on so he could go find Dan to surprise him.  He was very happy to show Dan his new "bulldogs pants!"  Why he thinks the whole set is called pants, I'm not sure!  Even after we removed the pants he still called the shirt "bulldogs pants."

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Olivia Grace Moon said...

I do know people with little boys that do take their potty with them everywhere...........so you wouldn't be alone in that!

Joey, Jennifer, Jordyn and Jana Claire said...

I have a similar potty experience keeping the nursery at church...I have girls and do not know about boys and using the potty. So, when the kid started wetting his clothes I tried to help and he ended up spraying me in the FACE!!!! Yes, I was completely grossed out and felt I needed a scalding hot shower right then!

rob h said...

Way to represent the two-four, Jonah. Anthony Dixon would be proud.


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