Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Looking back...

The date was October 11, 2007. Apparently this was the last time I sent my old camera to school with Jonah. I found it in his other backpack and it still had these pictures on the memory card. My little boy was still such a baby then. How time flies...

There was a video on the card that went along with these bathtub pictures. I won't post it because it was actually a very boring video. But, I did notice in that short 1 minute and 23 seconds that Jonah never uttered a word. He just smiled and attempted some baby talk but no actual words or sentences. I know he was talking then but his vocabulary was very small. Now, we can't get him to hush. Just this morning he told me "Mommy...shoes on...now" as he hand me my shoes. He even picked out the ones that matched my outfit for the day.

Every day I am amazed that this little boy is on loan to me from God. I don't take lightly the responsibility He has given me. I count it a privilege to be called his mommy. Even though some days seem to drag on forever, I look back at pictures like this and am reminded that it all goes to fast and to enjoy every moment. It rings true again...the days are long but the years are SO short!!

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Barb said...

You might have a fashion consultant on your hands - the replacement for Clinton on "What Not to Wear"?


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