Saturday, August 2, 2008

Jonah's First Dental Visit

Today was the big day...Jonah's first visit to the dentist. I have really been looking forward to this because I am such a big goober. I've only worked for General Dentists and we always started seeing kids at age 3. But, I was told by several people that Pediatric Dentist see kids at age 2. So, I called several weeks ago to schedule his first appointment.

While we still have several close friends in the Jackson area who are Dentists, I wanted Jonah to get established here in Natchez. I also wanted him to have the full experience of seeing a Pediatric Dentist so it would be fun and exciting.

We got up an hour early this morning and got ready to go. As we were about to leave the house, I double checked with Dan to be sure Jonah brushed his teeth after breakfast. Yeah...he didn't! How embarrassing would that have been? So, we rushed back to the bathroom for a final brushing of the teeth before heading out.

I made sure to practice opening wide. Check him out...he looks ready, doesn't he?

As you can see, I was able to get my typical Jonah/Dan walking picture. I don't know why I am obsessed with those but I am. Then, I also got a picture of me and my little 2 year old outside Dr. Bradford's office. 2 years old...WOW! That still blows my mind. As you will see, we practiced opening WIDE again. He was really good at that.

While I filled out the patient information forms, Dan and Jonah played in the playroom. I'm not sure who enjoyed the video games more!

I'm so bummed that this next picture is blurry. It would have been so cute. I think I can fix it in PhotoShop but I will have to work on that.
I was so proud of Jonah. He marched right back there on his own and climbed right up on that table. I brought Lammy along for reinforcement. I'm not sure he really needed Lammy but I pulled it out right at the beginning and he held on tight to him the entire visit.
While the hygienist got everything ready, I pointed out the different things to Jonah and explained what all we were about to do. This really made me miss my days in dentistry.
He laid back and let her polish his teeth with no problem. He winced right at first because the very first tooth she touched was the one that is a little loose from his fall last week. After she moved off of that tooth, he did great.

He was thrilled to be given a Eeyore toothbrush. He is still a big fan of Winnie the Pooh and all of his friends so an Eeyore toothbrush was a great choice for him.
He was also quite pleased with his two stickers. He kept pointing to them and telling me they were "tickers!"

Dr. Bradford came over to check Jonah out and said everything looked good. He is a definite candidate for ortho when he gets older. I thought he had bigger space issues that what he actually has. So, that was good news.

Jonah was very happy to discover he got to pick a prize. They had tons of bouncy balls and that was about the best prize you could offer him. He was such a big boy and did so great today. I'm so proud of this little guy!!

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