Saturday, August 9, 2008

Jonah's ACTUAL birthday

The first thing Jonah did on the morning of his actual birthday is run straight to his easel.  I am so glad I saw him enjoy that at Jalyn's house because it is something I probably never would have bought for him.  He does love it.  

We had plans to take Jonah out for a special birthday breakfast.  I did not know Dan had asked Joshua to lead prayer time for this.  I thought that was a pretty big deal because Dan never misses the Sunday prayer time.  He really believes that is the catalyst for all God has been doing in our church.  So, I was quite impressed he was missing prayer time.  He said he wants Jonah to realize that he is a priority his life from an early age.  LOVE IT!

Anyway, we never set an alarm anymore because Jonah is a great alarm clock that doesn't require batteries.  Well, on his birthday he decided to sleep in!  Imagine that?  The one day we needed to be up and going he decides to take it easy.  So, that meant a leisurely breakfast out was not a possibility in order for us to make it to Sunday School by 9:15 a.m.

While I dressed Jonah, Dan went to McDonald's to pick up a Big Breakfast for us to share.  After Jonah was dressed, I pulled out the red plate.  We used it for the first time last year on Jonah's first birthday.  You can read about that here.  

We put candles on his biscuit and pancake and sang Happy Birthday to him.  He blew out both candles and then clapped when we finished singing to him.  

I bet you are wondering why I am showing you a picture of hash browns, huh?  Well, Dan is a huge fan of hash browns from McDonald's so these were sitting in front of his plate.  Jonah looked over and said "BIG chicken nugget!"  Ha...he thought it was chicken.  I guess he is used to seeing a piece of chicken on our table at almost all times.  

After we finished eating, we had to stop long enough to let him clean out his booster seat.  Max loves helping with that project.  
When we got to church, Jonah was happy to see Woy and Mammy.  My intent was take his picture with lots of people on his birthday but we got busy once we got to church and I didn't do so great with that.  
The Kunkle twins kept taking turns giving him hugs.  It was so sweet.  It is fun to watch their little personalities develop and to see friendships form.  
Dan ended up having to take care of a benevolence need for about an hour after church.  We waited on him for a while then decided to just head home.  As we walked up to the door, Jonah spotted a gift leaded against the door.  
He picked it up and said "A present....AND A CARD!!!"  He loves cards.  It is so funny to watch him open cards before gifts.  I wonder how long that will last.  We try so hard to instill an attitude of thankfulness and gratitude when it comes to gifts.  So, when he reads cards before tearing into a gift, we try to make a really big deal out of that.  

He was very pleased to find a Bob the Builder book (with a hammer!) from Pat & Karen Biglane.  I didn't know he even knew who Bob the Builder was but as soon as he saw it, he said "Bock de Beer!"   

After a short nap, we headed to Natalie's birthday party.  You have already seen the pictures and post from that.  See, I really am posting WAY out of order these days.  

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