Saturday, August 9, 2008

A day with the Ramsey's

Last Saturday, Charles and Janice Ramsey came to Vidalia to spend the day with us.  Jonah loved the extra attention.  He was somewhat whiny that day but I think that was due to teeth.  I always hate when he is fussy around people who don't know him.  They don't get to experience the Jonah that we know on a daily basis.  But, even with the whining, he still had fun with his new audience. 

I don't remember what was going on in this next picture but it is obvious Jonah and Charles are in the midst of a deep conversation.  I love the way Jonah is looking up at him.  

They left around 6:30 p.m. and Jonah seemed very sad they were leaving.  He followed them out to the truck and then gave lots of hugs and kisses before they left.  

As they drove out of the driveway, he kept waving and saying "bye, friends!  bye, friends!"

It was a great day with our friends and I'm so glad they came to visit.  The Ramsey's were a huge part of my life as a teenager and college student and I'm glad that my little boy has the chance to be influenced by them also.  

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kathy malott said...

Jonah really seems older than 2. I can't believe all the things he's doing. So cute. Wish I could see him. I will definitely do a Joshua 24:15 painting for you in chocolate and turquoise. That will be so pretty. I'm working on the monkey pics too. I was going to try to get them done this weekend, but didn't have a chance to. Love you! K.


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