Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Celebration Begins!!!

My mom and Hannah got to Vidalia on Friday night before Jonah's party.  She came early so she could play with Jonah while we got everything ready for the party.  After being here for just a few minutes, she asked if she could give Jonah her gifts then instead of waiting until the party.  I thought that was a great idea because he could go ahead and play with them and they could see him enjoy them.  

As you will see, she had a pretty big haul for him.  She brought presents from her, Al & Sara, Hannah, Scott and Emily.  It was so cute to see him be so gentle with the gifts.  He didn't quite tear into them.  He took his time and examined EVERY piece of wrapping paper and tissue paper.  

I love to watch him read cards.  He opens them very carefully then looks at each card as if he knows exactly what it says and who it is from.  

One thing my mom gave him was a Little Tikes Laptop.  She decided he needed one so he could be like his mommy and daddy.  We both spend so much time on our laptops that she didn't want him to be left out.  

Dan used a piece of the tissue paper to make a bandanna for Max.  He was not especially thrilled with that idea.  Poor is never easy for him anymore.  

Check out the look on his face in the next picture.  It is as if he is really interested in the shorts Al & Sara gave him.  So cute!
My mom gave him several puzzles.  One was a Melissa & Doug fishing puzzle.  That is probably one of his favorite birthday gifts.  He plays with it all the time.  I may have a little fisherman on my hands.  

He was very excited about opening a gift from Hannah because it had all of the Mickey Mouse characters on the bag.  I am pretty sure he thought Mickey was going to be in there.  
He was super excited to discover a big Magna Doodle and a SUPER SIZED Mr. Potato Head.  The Magna Doodle was a decided gift when Scott and Emily came to visit back in March.  Jonah played with one he got in his Easter Basket the entire time they were here.  Emily saw how much he loved it and we talked then about how much he would like a big one.  

The Mr. Potato Head is an anniversary edition that had three other Mr. Potato Heads in it with TONS of pieces.  He keeps trying to put the pieces on Max.  Poor Max!!!

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