Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Another birthday gift

We got out of the car today to discover a box waiting by the door for Jonah. I knew it was coming so I told him it was a gift for him. He picked it up and carried it right inside the kitchen door then put it down so he could open it. He looked up at me and said "where da card?" HA! I wasn't sure if there was a card in the box so I encouraged him to hurry and open the box.

He was delighted to find a horse, cow, goat and Indian. In reality, there were 3 horses and an Indian but he was convinced there was a cow and goat too! I guess we should start working on his animals rather than letters and numbers, huh? :-)

He was also quite thrilled to find a card! Whew! There is a video posted at the bottom that in no way depicts how much he loves cards but you have to watch the whole thing just to see the last few seconds. We have really been working on this gratitude thing with him and he has to be reminded multiple times on occasion.
He was also very happy to find a Superspiderman place mat. It was actually just Superman but he kept calling it a Superspiderman mat. He had his first dinner on it last night and it was quite the hit. Well, except he didn't want anything touching Superman so he kept moving his plate and cup off of the place mat to the table. Kind of defeats the purpose, huh?
Thanks Uncle Glenn and Aunt Susan for such a fun birthday gift. I especially love the thought behind the gift. I'm copying part of her email so you can see the reason behind the Indian.

Hey Nicki and Dan...
Just wanted to let you know that I sent
Jonah a late birthday gift. It should arrive today, the
It's 3 horses and an indian. It reminded me of the time Dan
saw an indian in Colorado when he was quite small. He was SO impressed and

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