Tuesday, August 19, 2008

2 year well visit

Last Friday was Jonah's 2 year well visit with Dr. Russ. As you can see from these pictures, he has yet to develop a fear of the doctor. I think it helps that Dr. Russ is a friend of mine and he sees her outside of the office too. He talks about her all the time. So, he was very happy about going to see "Docka Russ" that morning.
Once we were back in the room, we worked on our numbers for a little while. He knows all of his letters and can even spell a couple of words. He even points out his name any time he sees it. But, he isn't great with numbers just yet. He can count to 14 but doesn't know the numbers by sight. So, we worked on that while waiting for Dr. Russ.

He got bored with numbers after a little while so we moved on to money. Jonah LOVES money. He has no fear of asking people for money either. Dan is going to put him on fundraising committee for this new building project at church. He consistently comes home from church with money in his pockets. He calls all bills "George Money." (George as in Washington!)
He was very happy to see his friend Docka Russ. He gave her a big hug then climbed right up on the table next to her and let her check him out. She was pretty impressed with his vocabulary and how plain he speaks. He did a few typical Jonah things that made her laugh.

Weight: 31.5 pounds and in the 75th percentile.
Height: 35 inches (which if the 2 year height prediction rule comes true then Jonah will be about 5'9 as a full grown adult) and in the 50th percentile. She said he has always been right at the 75th percentile for height but she thinks he is at the beginning of a growth spurt and he will be back in the 75th percentile within a couple of months.
We don't have to schedule another appointment with her until his 3 year birthday. That is so odd to me! We saw her every 2 months the first year of his life then about 3 times the 2nd year. Now, we have a whole year before going back. He really is growing up.
I am SO, SO, SO grateful for our pediatrician. She is incredible!!! Dan and I have both commented that she has an unbelievable gift of making every parent feel like they have the smartest, most talented, most precious child ever placed on this planet! I can't say enough good things about the care Jonah has received from her. She has become such a dear friend to me and I'm so blessed that she is Jonah's doctor and my friend! (By the way, I'm not kissing up...she doesn't read the blog!)

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