Sunday, July 27, 2008

To Jonah From Mommy!

Dear Jonah,
At this time two years ago, your daddy and I were at Natchez Regional Medical Center awaiting your arrival.  I guess as you grow older you will begin to understand just how much you were wanted.  We prayed for you long before you were ever born.  I always asked God to let your life be a testimony of HIS love and grace.  That prayer has certainly come true!  It is hard for me to look at you without understanding more and more about God's grace.  
Your life is such a special blessing.  So many people joined us in praying for you that they could not help but love you once you arrived.   That was evident in the large cheering section at the hospital.  It was made evident again today by the people who came to wish you a happy birthday.  You have captured the hearts of so many people. 
I never knew if I would be good at this whole MOM thing.  I always hoped I would but I always doubted myself.  I'm still not sure I am very good at it but you sure make me look good.  If kids are a reflection of their parents then we must be doing something right because you are incredible!!  (If only it were just because of us!!!)
You make me want to be a better person, Jonah.  You make me want to live a pure and holy life because I know you are watching.  You make me want to be healthy so I can live a long life in order to watch you grow.  You make me want to love your daddy even more because I know you are learning how to be married by watching us.  You make me want to get hot, sweaty and dirty outside just because it brings you joy being outdoors.  (Anyone who knows me knows that is HUGE!)  You make me watch Fox news so I can be an informed voter because you have to grow up in this crazy, mixed-up world of ours!  You make me very conscious of the words people say around you and what we watch on TV because I know your little ears are hearing it all.  You make me do all sorts of things I never thought I would do just because it would be fun for you.  It is worth repeating, you make me a better person! 
I love you more than you will ever know, Jonah-bug.  The last two years of my life have been pure joy.  I pray that God will allow you to continue to be a blessing to so many people.  I pray that you continue to love people and that you will remain the sweet, sensitive little boy that you are now.  You are a ray of sunshine and I'm blessed to call you mine!
I love you, little one!


Pops & NeNe said...

Dear Jonah,
Pops and NeNe are so sorry they were not able to make your 2nd birthday party. We were very sad about that. But, Nene was horrible and schedule a trip to Montana - see we purchased land there and we hope to move there in 9 years. It's really beautiful. Your Mom will have to print one of our pictures that we took while here to go with our letter. We actually got to play in the snow in July!
Your mom talks about people praying for you...well Pops and Nene were some of those people praying for you as well as your Mom and Dad. God has truly blessed them in being parents to you and they are doing a Great Job! We love all of you so much and we are blessed by God in getting to be a part of your family. I know we are unable to see you as much as we would like, but please know that we pray for you and we look forward to the times we do get to see you. You have many many many people who love you and are thankful God has allowed so many good people to be a part of your life. Hope you had a very special birthday and NeNe can't wait to see all the pictures!!!! WE LOVE YOU!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jonah! I am just a lurker, but I love to read your blog and see what is going on in your world from day to day. Hope you had an awesome party!
Jessica in SC

Anonymous said...

I've been very busy today, but I couldn't let the day go by without telling you how much I love you. You have brought joy to my life these past two are a very special little boy! Happy Birthday Boo-boo -


Anonymous said...

Jonah Bug, Before you were born I prayed that you would bring much joy to the lives of those around you and I can say that you have certainly do that. You make me smile and cry tears of joy because you are so sweet. Nothing thrills me more than for you to run up to me with a smile on your face. You bring me JOY, and I love you so much. Mammy

beppa said...

Please refer to the happy birthday comment left at 11:45 p.m. last night!!!
Happy birthday again!


Joey, Jennifer, Jordyn and Jana Claire said...

Happy Birthday, Jonah! I love reading about your have wonderful, Godly parents and are truly blessed to be loved as much as you are! May the Lord bless you this next year.


Anonymous said...

Jonah Bug, How you make me smile.I am ao amazed by you.Every day the first thing I do is to go to your blog and see what you are up to.Like your mommy Mimi prayed everyday that your mommy would be able to have a baby. I wanted her to be able to know that kind of love.God has answered so many prayers, Mimi prayed to God for a little girl,and he sent your mom to me and Pop, what a joy she has been and now I have you, a little part of your dad a little part of your mom and a whole lot of you. I know you will do great things and that Gods hand is on. I just wanted you to know how much I love you .Mimi

winstead family said...


I have never even had the pleasure of meeting you, but I know your mommy and let me tell you, she is one special person. I've watched you through pictures and videos and I have to say that you are one super loved kiddo. It amazes me to no end that your parents cherish every moment with you!
I hope you have a happy 2nd birthday and maybe I'll get to meet your sweet self one day!

Jenny in MS

Karin said...

Happy Birthday, Jonah!! I love reading your stories & hope that we will get to meet in person someday! :)


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