Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Stories from today

  • Jonah and I were over at the Hargon's house this afternoon.  Since this is the first official day of potty training, I made sure to take him to the potty while we were there.  Marlie went to the potty first and immediately used it.  To motivate Jonah, we all clapped and cheered for Marlie.  I told her what a big girl she was and really made a big deal out of the event.   Jonah sat on the potty and used it after only a minute or so.  As soon as he did, he said "I A BIG GIRL!!!"  HA!  He heard us tell Marlie over and over that she was a big girl.  I guess he didn't want to miss out on the accolades!
  • This morning, Jonah walked into the kitchen to discover a dead bug in the middle of the floor.  I heard him point it out to his daddy and say "Look...a bug!"  Dan said "Jonah, that is a dead bug."  Jonah stared at it a little longer then went on his way.  I walked into the kitchen a few minutes later and he squatted down next to it and said "Hey DADDY bug!"  I guess he doesn't quite understand the difference in DAD and DEAD!
  • Jonah gets one M&M for each time he sits on the potty.  (Regardless of results)  He gets another M&M for tee-tee and another for well...you know!  When we got home today, I went down the hall to potty and he looked at me and said "Jonah get your mm!"  I guess he assumes everyone who uses the potty at our house should get an M&M.


Karin said...

So cute about the M&M!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm all about everybody getting M&Ms when we use the potty! Good idea, Jonah!

Olivia Grace Moon said...

Olivia does that too! She always points out the mms on the counter, I have to hide them! She gave Nana one the other day when she went potty!


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