Friday, July 4, 2008

Same room...different layout

Jonah has done so well with his transition to the toddler bed. I thought we would have to phase things back into his room but that didn't happen. Tuesday night, Dan and Josh removed the crib (sniff, sniff) and Amanda and I rearranged Jonah's room. It still has the same bedding as his nursery but it seems much more grown up to me now.

Check out this precious little bed!!! It makes my heart melt every time I see him in it. It seems like just this morning I was putting him in his crib for the first time. Now the crib is gone and this bed sits in the same room. The saying is SO true...The days are long but the years are short!

We pulled out his last birthday present from last year this week. No, we didn't forget it and no, we didn't have so many toys that we stretched it out over a year. This play mat was a gift from Brian, Trudie and Caroline. It said that it was for 3 years and up so I decided to hold on to it until he had room in his bedroom to leave it out. He loves it. He runs his little train all over the tracks
He has become quite the fan of his play Elmo camera lately. My mom gave it to him when we went to Disney and he played with it then but kind of lost interest. Well, it has been rediscovered over the last week or so. He is obsessed with saying "Cheese" while pointing he camera in your direction. I find that very interesting because I never tell him to say cheese?

Doesn't he look so big laying on the bed like this? I think this is the first time he has played in his bed propped up like that.

My little photographer stopped snapping pictures long enough to smile for his mommy. Isn't this a cute little fella?

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE his new bed! His room is so stinkin cute!


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