Sunday, July 20, 2008

Only a WEEK behind

My mom is really behind in posting these days. She tries to blame it on my high level of energy but the truth is...well, never mind! I will give her that...I DO keep her on her toes lately. I'm not bad, I just have a lot of ground to cover each day. So, by the time evening comes, she has to choose between posting or recovering. I guess the lack of posting proves which she chooses most of the time.

I was glad she took the next few pictures just so you can see my latest transition. Do you see the high chair in the back? Yep, that is a thing of the past! I am now sitting in a booster seat at the table. I think they were going to move it out completely but they discovered they can threaten me with the "baby chair" and I'll start eating or stop playing at the table. I'm no baby anymore, ya know?

Speaking of not being a baby anymore, would you like to take a look at what I'm wearing below?
Yep folks, those are pull ups! This was my first time to wear pull ups and of course my mom had to document it. Be grateful...she could have documented the first accident in the pull ups but she spared us all!

I kept my pull ups on and headed to church for business meeting. My silly mom unsnapped my outfit and pulled it up to show daddy and a few other people my big boy pull ups. Umm...can we say NOT APPROPRIATE for church? I didn't see anyone else showing their underwear so I still am not sure why I had to show mine.

P.S. The pictures in green had no explanation but this is my mom's new favorite outfit of mine and she just wanted to take a few pictures of it.
P.P.S Uncle Cliff says boys my age should never have clothing referred to as "OUTFITS!"

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Baylee's Mommy said...

I love the new green jon-jon! Did you order from Jerica? Her stuff is addicting!

Anonymous said...

That is absolutely the sweetest face I've ever seen!


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