Thursday, July 10, 2008

The lake

I picked Jonah up from school Monday and told him we were going to the lake after we ate dinner. He did not quite grasp the meaning of that. So, we headed home, ate dinner and started the wait. I knew we weren't leaving until 5:30 p.m. and it was only 4:30 p.m. so I didn't dwell on the events of the evening. Well, Dan came in the door all jazzed up about going on a boat. He quickly passed that excitement on to Jonah! The problem is that Dan understands the meaning of wait...Jonah does not. And, when I mentioned the lake to Jonah, he didn't know what that was. The boat, now that is a completely different story. For 40 minutes he begged to go "boat, wide, cwiff, pwease!" In Jonah language, that is "Let's go ride the boat with Cliff, please!" He just cried and cried and we told him not yet. It was heartbreaking. I put him in my lap and explained why we weren't leaving yet but obviously, he didn't get it. He just kept saying through tears, "boat, wide, cwiff, pwease!" Thanks, Dan!

After all of this we could handle, we decided to load him up and just ride around until time to leave. That way, he would think we were on our way. Yes, I know gas is over $4 a gallon but you didn't experience the heartache of this little boy! We would have done most anything.
We saw the boat already loaded up down at Cliff & Debra's so we just drove down there and waited to head out. Oh my goodness...what a mistake that was. When you have a little boy who is ready to ride in a boat, DO NOT pull up behind it and let him see it. ESPECIALLY when you have to ride behind that boat for 30 minutes to the lake. That may have been the most miserable 30 minutes of our (me, dan and sue) lives with Jonah.

We finally got to Lake St. John and gladly let Debra entertain him while boat was launched. He settled down enough to enjoy the process. I still can't believe how excited he was about this whole event!

Cliff and Beppa got Jonah a life jacket and had been anxiously awaiting the opportunity to use it.

He was very excited to see Cliff sitting in front of the steering wheel. He knew pretty quickly that meant he got to drive!

I pulled his glasses out of the bag so he could wear them. He only kept them on because Cliff has his on.

Jessie put Jonah's glasses on and Jonah put her glasses on then they posed for a picture together! Stylish, huh?

Debra made sure the boat was stocked with grapes and apples for Jonah. He loved that. He chilled out for a little while and ate two or three bags of fruit.

You can see Debra pointing to the spot where they have seen the most alligators. Um, excuse me?

We stopped at Clare & Tammy's lake house and docked at their pier so the boys could swim and we could eat. Dan jumped in first and Jonah did not waste much time at all following him. The kid has no fear of water. I'm so glad swim lessons start Monday.

After playing with Jonah for just awhile, Dan was exhausted. He quickly discovered that swimming with Jonah in the lake was much more difficult than a pool. There was nothing to really hold on to and he was trying to keep himself and Jonah afloat. He was exhausted. Debra gave him a life jacket to wear while Clare went to the house to find some noodles.
Jonah quickly discovered he had it made! He would play with Dan and Clare in the water and then have Cliff pull him up on the pier and let him jump back in. As you can imagine, I stayed out of the lake water!

Jessie decided to give Jonah a mohawk. How cute is this? He even left it like that for a little while.

We made it back to the boat launch before a big storm rolled in. Dan and Debra took Jonah to feed the ducks while I got all of our things together. It was a great afternoon and we can't wait to go out again!

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Jami Ainsworth said...

Looks like fun...don't ya just love summer!

Barb said...

Jonah looked like he was having the time of his life.

Joey, Jennifer, Jordyn and Jana Claire said...

That is the funniest thing about riding for 30 minutes behind the boat! I can hear the fit throwing in my head just thinking about it! Too funny! Looks like he had a blast.


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