Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Ice Cream down the street

Sunday night, we were invited down to the Welch's house for ice cream. Since Tim (a.k.a. Memaw) is a farmer, I made sure Jonah wore his new John Deere Little Farmer shirt. Tim loved it. He can't wait for the day that Jonah comes to the farm. We have scheduled that a couple of times and something always seems to come up. We have to go soon!

Jonah made his rounds to almost every person that was there that night. He spent some time with Mammy and I attempted to get a good picture of them. Unfortunately, the best one is blurry.

Cindy (NeNe) kept him supplied with ice. This s the face she got every time he ran out of ice. She was quick to jump right up and get him more.

Joshua tried to talk to him but at that point, all he cared about was more ice. When he has his mind set on something, nothing else will do!

He took Tommy out to the trailer to show him the dirt. He was very interested in it. I'm beginning to think the dirt party would have worked after all? Oh well...that can be next year's party.

He made sure NeNe got lots of hugs and kisses. He's pretty fond of her! I think he knew she was going to Nashville to see her grand daughter this weekend and wanted to make sure she didn't forget him.
Hmmm....what's wrong with the following picture. If I had known Jonah would pull people in the wagon, I would have ridden down with him pulling instead of us doing it.
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