Saturday, July 5, 2008

Friends from Liberty & Batman

We had a great surprise Thursday night. Our friends from Liberty came in town and surprised us. We haven't seen them since Jonah was just a couple of weeks old. They were Dan's surrogate family when he was on staff at Liberty Baptist Church. We've tried to connect with them a few times over the past year but something always comes up. So, it was a very nice surprise to see them and visit for a while. They brought Jonah a couple of presents. He was so cute opening them.

One of his gifts was the Leapfrog Alphabet Pal. It is perfect for him right now because he is really focusing on learning the alphabet. He knows about 20 of the 26 by sight. If you point to it, he can tell you what it is. He knows the song up to the letter G. I'm excited about him playing with this because it can only help him.

He went to bed while the Johnson's were here so he never opened his other present from them. Friday morning when he got up, we put on his Batman PJ's (cape and all!) and let him play in the living room for a while before our next company arrived.

We got his other gift from the Johnson's and let him open it. He was really thrilled with the idea of opening gifts. It just took FOREVER!! You know he doesn't do well with messes so the wrapping paper just threw him for a loop! He kept wanting to go throw it in the "tash!"
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Karin said...

How cute are those PJ's!!!!! ;)


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