Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cupcakes at school

Dan & I took cupcakes to Jonah's daycare for their afternoon snack last Friday.  We got there right at the end of nap time and this is how we found him.  

I knelt down beside him and whispered his name.  He immediately took the blanket off of his head and gave me the strangest look.  He could not figure out why we were there.  
I picked him up and loved on him for just a minute and the he leaned back and looked at me again.  He was so confused.  

After sitting with me for a few minutes, he went over to give his daddy a hug.  He then turned how concern to his shoes.  He kept saying "need shoes."  Once Dan put his socks and shoes on him, all was right in his little world.  

Dan asked him how old he was.  We have been drilling him on this for a few weeks now.  Several times a day, we have a conversation that goes something like this.

Us:  Jonah, how old are you?
Jonah:  ONE!
Us:  Jonah, how old are you going to be on Sunday?
Jonah:  (speaking  very confident)  THREE!!!

He is convinced you go from one to three.  Now, when he counts, there is always a two in there but as far as birthdays are concerned, you go for age one to age 3.  We hoped he would master 2 before the actual birthday.  He didn't!  
I tried to get a good picture of Jonah and Aidan.  They are BEST buddies at daycare and always seem to have a great time together.  I took about 15 before getting the perfect one.  The first one is indicative of the other 10 or 15 that didn't work.  The second one is really cute though.  

We took football cupcakes for his class.  I really wanted the cute Elmo cupcake cake but all of the icing was red and I couldn't do that to the other moms or his teachers.  I have spent tons of time at night trying to rid clothes of red icing stains after other birthday parties.  So, I settled on the white icing.  

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