Friday, July 11, 2008

The Best of Friends

Jonah and Marlie love each other so much. It is so sweet to hear her talk about "my frin, Jonah" and for him to talk about "Ma-we!" We only met the Hargon family a year ago but have become such good friends with them over that time. It is especially fun to watch our kids love each other and play together. Marlie is actually 7.5 months older than Jonah but because of how her birthday falls, she is in the same preschool class as Jonah.

I'm wondering at what age I will find it inappropriate to take a picture like this? Fortunately, at 23 months and 30 months, it is still pretty cute.

This picture cracked me up. I'm not sure what went under Jonah's changing table but they were determined to get it.
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