Monday, July 14, 2008

Autumn's 1st Birthday

We headed to Michael and Wendy Ferguson's house Saturday morning for Autumn's first birthday party. Jonah immediately found a balloon and was entertained by that for 30 minutes!

They had an inflatable slide and jumping house outside. Jonah thought that was great! He was a little timid with the slide right at first. That quickly faded!
Jeff Ferguson stood on one side and talked to him. He thought Jeff was so funny. I guess it was the screen in between them? Jeff wasn't being particularly comical, Jonah just took it that way.

He was also very intrigued by the large fan. Dan showed him how to talk into it so it makes a funny noise. He tried to do it but didn't use enough volume.

Autumn was quite thrilled to have her granddaddy hold her and feed her different things from the table. You can certainly tell how loved she is by her grandparents. (And, the feeling is quite mutual!) It is so interesting for me to see the dynamic of the relationship between children and their grandparents. I grew up very connected to my grandparents. I would have rather spent time with them than most any friend I had.
Jonah has many adopted grandparents here and I love that! We were just talking the other day about how fortunate he is to have so many adults have such a vested interest in his life. No, we don't live near any blood grandparents and don't see them very often but he has other people who stand in the gap for him and play that surrogate role when needed. He is a lucky little guy!

The only way to coax Jonah away from the jumper was to tell him about the cake. He ran full speed towards the cake. Dan had to intercept him before he dove right into it!

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