Monday, July 7, 2008

Annual 4th of July Picnic at church

Dan had to be at the church at 3:30 p.m. Sunday to get everything set up for the annual picnic. I let Jonah finish his nap (and I finished mine) before we loaded up and headed that way. As soon as we drove up, Jonah started calling for Roy. (Woy) He knows that Roy is the one who usually meets us at the car to get him out of his car seat. Roy is the #2 Greeter at our church. He used to be #1 but one of the new greeters overtook his current standing! Anyway, he is usually outside waiting every time we get there. Jonah is pretty sure that if we are church, he is supposed to see Daddy and Woy!

As the desserts started rolling in, my little boy was so tempted to taste a few of them! He was eyeing those cupcakes! He wanted one so bad!
I had to divert his attention by offering him a ball. That was all it took. He loves balls!!! He played for several hours on one end of the gym with just a few balls.

Sue and Tara were down there with us watching Carlee and Joner play. (Carlee is Tara's daughter and she always puts an "ER" on the end of Jonah's name. It is so cute!

Danielle and Olivia Kate came over to sit near all of us. We are really sad because they are moving away in the next month. Brian took a job coaching baseball in Ripley, TN. We are really going to miss them!

Manna spent some time loving on Olivia Kate. Eli, Josh and Manna's baby is due within a couple of days of when Olivia Kate will turn 1. So, it is cool for us all to see what Eli will be doing this time next year by watching Olivia Kate.
Here are Josh, Diane, Joshua and Marlie Hargon. They have only been members of our church for about a year now but we are so glad they are here. They have quickly become some of our very close friends. Many of you recognize Marlie from the blog. She and Jonah were in the same preschool class last year and are BIG buddies! They are just a couple of months away from welcoming Hannah to their family. We are so excited about her arrival.
You also may recognize Natalie Ainsworth. She is another one of Jonah's buddies. I'm starting to recognize a pattern here...Jonah has lots of GIRL friends. Hmmm...that little Casanova!
Jonah was very happy to see MeMaw (Tim) at the picnic. He took off running to him.

Olivia Kate was quite relaxed with a biter biscuit. She chilled out as soon as she got that thing. I remember how much Jonah loved those but they make a huge mess!

Cliff was quite the hit with all the kids at the picnic. He spent quite a great deal of time surrounded by lots of little ones. (see more pictures as this post progresses!)

Josh ended up holding Olivia Kate for a little while. I'm not sure he knew what to do with a girl?

While Natalie was off playing, Jonah entertained her Mimi, Jami Ainsworth. He made sure she knew all of his friends. (Bert, Ernie, Big Bird, etc.) I'm pretty sure she is well versed in all of the Sesame Street and Disney characters since she has an almost 3 year old running around her house.

Dianne helped make sure Jonah got his fill of peaches! The kid loves them. He ate more than his fair share of them that day!
Here are my three pregnant friends...wait, my two pregnant friends! Poor Manna, Josh's basketball made her belly look barely pregnant!

Carlee and Jonah had a large time playing with the various coolers. I took this picture right before I took a big tumble across the gym floor and landed in Tara's lap. It is an absolute miracle that I did not break anything.

We never made it outside for any of the outdoor festivities. I figured it was much easier (and cooler) to keep Jonah entertained and contained within four walls. Dan was tied up with the organization of the day so he wouldn't be able to help with Mr. mobility. It was a fun day but we were all exhausted when it was over!

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Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, he is starting to look so big!!
Elbie, I can't believe you stayed in the air conditioning at the picnic instead of being outside participating in the athletic games! So unlike you! :-) Love you!

Joey, Jennifer, Jordyn and Jana Claire said...

OH MY! Your friend Josh witht he basketball looks just like I did when I was pregnant with Jana Claire! Too funny...and Jonah is getting so big! They just grow way too fast. Jana Claire will be 1 in 3 months and I can't believe it. I think it is harder being my last baby!

Avery's Mommy said...

Thanks for your prayers! Jonah is just the cutest little thing. I remember when you were pregnant with him - time flies doesn't it! And I think this is the first time I've ever seen Jami without a camera!!!


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