Sunday, June 1, 2008

Room changes

I have spent the last two weeks scouring websites and magazines trying to decide how to do Jonah's "big boy" room. The thought of disassembling the crib makes me very sad but I realize the time is coming for him to move to a real bed. I have been searching for the perfect bedding or design for his room but nothing has just jumped out at me yet. I have a few favorites saved and any of them would be okay but I just haven't made up my mind yet.

In the meantime, I decided to take a baby step and remove some of the baby stuff from a shelf in his room. I took down the newborn picture of us kissing him, a sweet picture of him by himself in a baseball cap, his first bath and the signature frame of all the people who visited him in the hospital. I replaced all of those frames with more recent pictures that don't seem so "babyish."

I did all of that with no tears so maybe taking the crib down won't bother me too much! Yeah, right!!!

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Karin said...

It's cute!! :) And good idea to take baby steps. :)

I know you didn't ask for suggestions... but I'm giving one, in case it helps... DON'T disassemble the crib until he has adjusted to the toddler bed! We found it INVALUABLE to have a recourse if he got out of bed!! :) If he got out, he had to go in the crib. :) (You may recall that it was a nightmare the first time we tried the transition at age 2 1/4. It finally worked when he was close to 3. ;) )


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