Sunday, June 22, 2008

The reason for our roadtrip

The whole purpose of this little road trip was to attend the 50th wedding anniversary celebration of my Uncle Ronnie & Aunt Dorothy. (who I neglected to get a single picture of!!!) Uncle Ronnie is my daddy's brother. I had not seen them or any of their kids since my dad's funeral in January of 2006. Jonah was still in my tummy so none of them had met him. They have seen the blog and pictures but had never seen him in person. I was so glad he was in a good mood! I was afraid all of the traveling and being off of his schedule might tip his mood!

He was so happy to see Hannah! He had not see her since March when they came to Vidalia to visit. He spent the majority of his time hanging out with her.

My sister-in-law was the real trooper of the weekend. She came without my brother because he had to work. She didn't know a soul there except for my mom, my other brother, me, Hannah and Jonah. She deserves some kind of award!!! But, since I don't have any awards to hand out, she will have to settle for a picture of us!!!
I'm not sure what he was doing in this picture, but it made me laugh. I'm sure he was talking and I just happened to catch him mid-sentence!

Jonah found great joy in playing with a folding chair. I'm guessing we can get him one for his birthday and he will be content for hours. He drug it, folded it, unfolded it, played peekaboo, etc. It was actually pretty funny to watch.

My mom gave him a water bottle and he did exactly what I thought he would...he spilled it all down the front of his clothes then got upset because he was wet! The child does not like being wet (unless dressed for it) or dirty!

I'm not sure what Hannah was thinking about, but she was in deep thought! If she was like me, she was just hungry and ready to eat!!!
Jonah discovered some red rocking chairs and had a blast with them. He was rocking so hard I was afraid he would tip one over!
He stopped long enough to take a call from his daddy! It wasn't really daddy on the phone but he sure thought he was talking to Dan. He had a little conversation!

He then decided that all of the kids chairs needed to be in the dirt rather than the concrete. He was very methodical about getting them all there.

My cousin, Carolyn got her food before I did. Jonah was hungry so he marched right over to their table to ask for a french fry.
My mom came over with her food, so he climbed right in her lap to eat. I guess he was starving!
A little boy there had a truck that Jonah was very impressed with. The boy didn't share and his mom never made him. Jonah kept looking at him and saying "ooohhhh....truck!" He wanted to hold it SOOOO bad! I was very proud of him for not just taking it.

I changed him into dry clothes before heading out. We had a little over 2 hours to get home and I had hopes he might sleep. (My hopes were not realized!!!)
We got home and daddy had switched his toys and books out so he was very happy to see the new toys from the toy rotation. It is so fun to watch him see those toys as if it is the first time he has ever played with them. I LOVE the toy rotation! He never seems to get bored with any toys.

After a little bit of playing, he settled down with a cup of mil on his beanbag. Look at how his leg are crossed. He started doing that after he saw Dan do it. I love that he mimics his daddy!

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Looks like y'all had a fun/busy weekend too.


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