Friday, June 27, 2008


We got to the circus and got in line. After waiting in line for about 5 minutes. we saw Alexa and Cari. They were with Cari's mom and and dad and Natalie. They came over to talk for a few minutes and we attempted to take some pictures of Natalie and Jonah together. Only one of those two wanted to participate in taking pictures.
Let's far apart can he stand from Natalie??? The truth is that he wanted to play in the rain and we wouldn't let him so he was upset.

We got to the circus for the preshow. Jonah was intrigued by the jugglers. Notice who the only kid in the ring is?
Dan convinced him to sit on the side rather than stand in the middle.

We made our way around to the different events. Jonah was most impressed by this guy. He was juggling scarves.

Natalie jumped rope with these pretty girls then had her picture taken with them. Jonah wouldn't go near them for a picture.

Oh wait...who is that kid in the ring again? He could not understand why he couldn't go out there with that dog!

We made a stop at the souvenir stand. We tried a clown nose on Jonah but as you can imagine, he was no impressed.

He was most impressed the alligator on the front of the stand. Seriously, he could have stood there for an hour.
I know the next picture is a bit blurry but it made me laugh. Jonah wouldn't wear his hat (it came with a bag of cotton candy) so Dan wore it

POPCORN! We had to be very careful with this because it is such a huge choking hazard. We gave him TINY pieces and he loved it.
We were seated in our seats ready for things to start when Jonah decided to walk right back up to the ring again. I guess he thought he was going to perform.
We coaxed him back with that massive box of popcorn!
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Jami Ainsworth said...

The Pre-Show activities were much more on their level. I knew it would be difficult to keep Natalie in her seat after all the interaction of the pre-show and after a while I was right. We would have had her money's worth if we had left after that. Now my other three (Randy, Cari and Alex) that's another story! lol


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