Sunday, June 8, 2008

Leapfrog Letters

Many of you faithful blog readers know that we rotate Jonah's toys. We do this so he doesn't get bored with his toys. We also do a version of this whenever he receives several toys at once (ie. birthday and Christmas.) Rather than giving them all to him, we give him one every few days. We did this after his birthday last year when he was blessed with so many gifts.

Marty & Debra Probst gave him the Veggie Tales "Jonah" DVD and a set of Leapfrog Alphabet Magnets. We watched the movie with him soon after his birthday but realized the letters were still a little beyond him. So, we moved the back to his closet. After a few unsuccessful attempts to teach him the alphabet, they went up again.

Well, a couple of weeks ago, his knowledge of the alphabet seemed to just explode. He was pointing to letters and saying what they were. (His favorites are H, X, N, and A, just so you know!) As soon as he got up that morning, we got the magnets from his closet and showed them to him. He was SOOOOO happy. He kept pointing to the box saying "E, E, E!" We put them on the fridge he and was entertained for about 45 minutes. You can put each letter in the little green square thing and it tells you what letter it is and how to say it. Dan took really cute video but I haven't uploaded it yet. Every time the music would start, Jonah danced like crazy. Stay tuned to see that!

Thanks Uncle Marty and Aunt Debra! When Jonah learns to read, you will be able to say you had a part in it! :-)

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auntdeb said...

Move over Einstein, here comes Jonah Bug. And how many nearly two year olds would be sooooo good in church during a long meeting? Answer - only one! "Our" little man.


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