Thursday, June 26, 2008

eating, cleaning, walking

Jonah is always ready for a snack when I pick him up from daycare. He watched me peel this orange then wanted the "green stick." I think since he saw me use it to peel it, he thought you had to have it to actually eat the orange.

He ate a good bit of the orange then decided he wanted a sandwich and some chicken. No, he didn't eat all of that but in my quest to get to actually eat something, I try different foods at each meal.

And, in usual Jonah fashion, he had to clean the counters before he got down to play. I tried to get him out of The Learning Tower but he wouldn't budge until I let him wipe the counters down.

Dan had meetings until late that night so I was trying to keep Jonah up well past his bedtime so he could see his daddy that day. I was planning to take him on a walk but decided to let him walk Max instead. It really was quite the site. I'm pretty sure Max walked him rather that him walking Max.

We headed down the street towards the Merritt's and Welch's. Tim and Taylor came out to play for a while. Max was so glad to see them. I think he had already had enough of Jonah being in control of his leash.
He made sure Tim knew that was his red truck. He kept saying Memaw truck!" In case you don't know, Tim is affectionately known as Memaw to Jonah. We have NO idea where this came from. Tim is CONVINCED I had something to do with it. I promise...I heard it the first time he did! He walked up to Tim at church one day and said "Hey Memaw!" Tim fought it for a while then finally just accepted the endearing term of Memaw from Jonah. HILARIOUS! I think the thing that makes it even funnier is that Tim is such a Man's man! He's a farmer, a hunter, a golfer, a sports know, ALL MANLY things but his nickname is MEMAW!!!
While we were outside playing, Cliff drove up. He couldn't go straight inside without coming over to play.

After a little while, Aunt B came outside. She gave us the great news that we are going to fish sit while they go on vacation. Jonah will LOVE that. He is enamoured with her aquarium.

After a little while, we headed back down the street towards our house. It was funny to see people drive by and laugh at this little tot walking a dog. (or, the other way around!) Be sure to watch the videos at the end.
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Anonymous said...

I hope you picked up Max's little present he left in that yard :)

Jami Ainsworth said...

I love the way Max stopped and waited for Jonah to grab the leash again...too sweet.


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