Friday, May 23, 2008

Update on our friends

Many of you have called or emailed asking about our friends I mentioned in the last post. I spoke with them yesterday and again today. This is a HUGE day and they covet all of our prayers. The birth mother and baby will be discharged today. The baby will leave the hospital with our friends. Tomorrow morning will end the 72 hour wait and the birth mother and birth father will then sign the papers to release custody to our friends.

PLEASE stop now and say a short prayer for our sweet friends are so excited but yet very cautious at this point. Also, pray for this birth mom who has given birth to this little girl but is going to hand her over to another couple. The birth father also needs us to pray for him. His signature is just as important as the birth mother. We have another couple of friends who are there with them acting as the mediator for the adoption. Ask God to continue to give them wisdom.

Our friends have been a megaphone of God's goodness and grace in their lives. For the last 10 years, they have continued to trust God in their darkest days. I can not imagine how God is going to use this whole situation to bring Glory to Himself!

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