Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day!

I would like to begin by letting you know that I have ZERO pictures from the day. Yes, me the person who has pictures of the most random things doesn't have any pictures from Mother's Day. How does that happen? I actually thought about it before leaving for church this morning. I wished Dan was there to take a picture of me and my little boy but he left around 7:30 a.m.

Today was a good, relaxing day. I spent it with my two favorite people in the world. (well, not including the 420 people at church!!) I can't think of many better ways to spend a day. It has been an introspective day for me in many ways.

I can't help but think about the past Mother's days that brought me such sadness. Mother's Day was the most dreaded day of the entire year. I remember one particular year, I stopped by Natchez Market on the way to church. The cashiers had little flashlights for all the mothers. He handed me one with my change as he asked if I was a mom. I told him no and he took my flashlight back!! It hurt my heart SO BAD! I cried all the way to church then when I walked up to go find Dan, one of our church members said "Happy Mom's Day!" I smiled and said thanks but kept walking because I just wanted to find Dan. Then, as I passed him, the man yelled "Never mind, you aren't a don't count!" TALK ABOUT A DAGGER!!! I headed straight for the sanctuary and found Dan in the sound booth. I had a meltdown right there.

Now, some three or four years later, I celebrate this day with my precious little 21 month old son but still feel pain and sadness for so many people who don't have a reason to celebrate. I have friends all over this country who hurt on this day. Some are pursing medical intervention in order to become a mom. Some are waiting for a call from an adoption agency. Some are waiting to travel overseas to pick up the child God has already promised them. Some are spending this day mourning the loss of a child. Some are mourning the loss of their own mother. Some are longing to be married so they can one day have a child to call them Mommy. Some have broken relationships with their own mom or child. Regardless of the situation, hurt is real and seems even more evident on days like today.

I feel so blessed and fortunate to be in this place in life. I am just days away from celebrating my 9th anniversary with my best friend. Together, we share the HUGE task of raising a little boy to be a Godly man. We feel confident that we are in a place that God has called us to be for this time. So, for all of these things...I celebrate!
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Karin said...

That was an awesome post!

And WOW... I'm so sorry you went through that on that previous Mother's Day. I had some pretty depressing ones, but fortunately didn't run into those scenarios. :(

And I'm soooo glad we can both now celebrate!!!! :)

Jami Ainsworth said...

I just noticed on your Disney Counter that you are leaving in four! You must be wanting to travel at night since it is 7:05 pm as I write this. Have lots of fun and tell Jonah to give Mickey Mouse a kiss from Natalie. She came in as I was typing this and I asked who would she like to kiss Micky Mouse or Cinderella. My first impulse was correct. I can't wait to take Natalie!


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