Sunday, May 18, 2008

Friday at Disney! (PICTURE OVERLOAD!!!!)

We started out at Animal Kingdom on Friday. We had a list of things we wanted Jonah to experience at all 4 parks. So, in order to accomplish them all, we headed out as soon as he woke up Friday morning. This is the first picture we took. He was quite content sitting on his own during the tram ride. I picked him up for a picture and he was not thrilled with that idea.

We had to FLY through the park in order to make it to the next showing of the Finding Nemo musical. It looks like Jonah is about to fall out of Dan's arms but he was enjoying leaning back and making Dan grab him back up.

The musical was WONDERFUL! A must see for any of you planning a trip to Disney anytime soon. It was a little long for a toddler but still fantastic.

After the musical, Jonah was ready for a nap. I laid his stroller back an gave him some juice so he could sleep for a little. We knew he would need a few naps so we took his big stroller rather than the Maclaren we bought for Disney last year. I think that was a good decision for the amount of time we spent in the parks this year.
He didn't go to sleep after a while of strolling him around so we decided to ride one of the rides with him. As you can see, he was still a bit sleepy!

I love this next picture. He looks so innocent and so happy. What am I saying? He IS innocent (most of the time) and happy (most of the time!)
Jonah & I rode in the back of the dinosaur so Dan could video him from the front. I can't wait to see all of the video Dan took. MAYBE, I will get an edited version SOON! (HINT, HINT!)

After the ride, we walked over to the playground and let him run wild for a little bit. Poor Dan chased him all around that playground in the heat. They went way up high and then Jonah spotted us down below. He suddenly wanted mommy!!!

After that, we attempted a nap...AGAIN! It actually worked this time. He slept for almost 2 hours. I found a gift shop that was VERY cool and just parked inside there so he could sleep comfortably!

After we finished at Animal Kingdom, we headed to Epcot for the rest of the day. Jonah was quite intrigued with all the thing inside Innoventions. ESPECIALLY the firetruck. I've been looking for a theme for his new 'big boy' room. I think firetrucks may be it!!!!

Dan took this picture hen I found it on the camera later. It made me smile. I love the (few) pictures we get of him smiling for the camera.

One of the highlights of Jonah's trip was feeding the duck. That made us glad that we have spent all of this time and money coming here. I mean, he could never do that at home, right?

He LOVED "The Seas with Nemo and Friends!" The clammobile was a huge hit for him. The pics inside aren't that great because it was dark and I couldn't see him in the viewfinder.

After the ride, there were lots of huge windows of nothing but fish. He was quite fond of that. He would have stayed there the rest of the day.

He made a friend at "Turtle Talk with Crush." It was so sweet to see him interact with the little boy in Orange. Well, until he told that little boy where to move. He is so sure of what he thinks he wants.

It was a BUSY day but so much fun. He handled everything like a trooper. As usual, it was fun to experience something through his eyes.


Anonymous said...

Kick back and relax Jonah, it's vacation -

Anonymous said...

Yall look like you are having so much fun! Wish I was there! Elbie, good hair!! :-)

Anonymous said...

By the way, my favorite picture is of you, Nick waving the Miss America wave from the ride! You have your hand cupped perfectly and you are working the elbow, elbow, wrist, wrist movement... :-)



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