Monday, April 21, 2008

Wet time, dry time, sleepy time!

It was a beautiful day outside yesterday but my mommy was still feeling a little bad. I really wanted to go outside but I settled for playing inside with a ball and a spatula. (Yes, I am easily amused!) I wanted to watch a movie (or VOVIE as I call it) so mommy and I got on the floor and started the DVD player. We heard a knock at the door and found BEPPA standing there. She told mommy that she came to get me to play at her house for a little while. I was so happy. I got my diaper and clothes changed then headed outside to my wagon. I played down there until time for dinner.

After dinner, I was covered in lasagna so I headed straight to the tub. Mommy gave me bubbles and toys and I was in HEAVEN! I could have played for hours in that water.

After she got me out, I got all wrapped up in my frog towel. I think I'm really cute when I have that wrapped around me because I always say "Awwweeee!"

Mommy put me on the changing table and started to dry me off and lotion me up. That is when I discovered my pillow. My Granny Bee gave me this pillow for my birthday and I always lay my head on it while I am on the changing table. Well, tonight, I picked it up and looked at it and realized it had my name on it. I kept pointing to my name saying "Whasdat?" Mommy told me it said "Jonah" so then I said "Nonah, Nonah, Nonah" over and over and over!
After getting dried off and ready for bed, we headed to the kitchen for a SNACK! That is my favorite time of the day. I love snack time! Normally, I eat my snack in the kitchen then drink my milk in the beanbag. After that, I brush my teeth, read a story, say my prayers and then go to sleep.
But, tonight, I played on the couch in the living room for a little while. I laid on the pillows that Max isn't allowed to touch. I also laid under the blanket that Max isn't allowed to lay on. It KILLS HIM!!!

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