Monday, April 21, 2008

Wedding Time

Saturday was Eric & Kimberly's big day! I wasn't sure if I was going to get to go to the wedding because me and mommy were both sick. But, as Saturday went on, we both felt a little better and I had quit running fever. So, we got all dressed up and ready for the wedding.

Mommy loaded my diaper bag with cough drops so she wouldn't be hacking the whole time. She left the bag on the table and I found them. I almost had one unwrapped and in my mouth before she found me. close!

Since my daddy was the one marrying Eric and Kimberly, it was up to my mom to keep me entertained during the wedding. She filled my diaper bag with books, juice and snacks and out the door we went!

We sat on the very back row next to the sound booth so we could make an easy exit if needed. Josh and Manna sat by us. (I think they regretted that decision as the time passed!) I spent the first ten minutes picking up every hymnal and Bible I could find and then promptly taking them to Josh or Manna.

I realized something was going on up front so I turned around to watch. It was then that I realized that MY DADDY was up there. I started calling out to him, "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!" Apparently that was not an appropriate thing for me to do because I got scooped up and taken out of there.
Mom let me walk all the way around the outside of the building to the MPB where the reception was being held. We were one of the first people in there since the wedding was still going on. I thought that was great because that meant I could be first in line...WRONG! I had to wait for everyone else to even get a bite of anything. I'm pretty sure if Uncle Marty or Aunt Debra (parents of the bride) had known I wanted something then I could have eaten right then. Too bad they were sitting on the front row watching their daughter get married!
As soon as the wedding ended, the hostesses all headed over to get the food ready. Zoo-Zoo was there to help so she rescued me from my hunger. She took me straight to the fruit table and let me get my fill of grapes.
My daddy had to stay over there for a long time because they were taking pictures. My mommy wasn't feeling very good at this point so she just basically found a chair and sat still. Thankfully, Joshua had a whole plate of goodies that he shared with me.
As you can see, he is quite pleased with the chicken wing he had. Well, I guess it was the chicken wing that made him could have been me?
When Eric and Kimberly came in, I just happened to be standing close to the doorway. I had my back to them and didn't realize they walked in. Everyone started clapping for them but I thought they were clapping for me. I just stood there and smiled and waved to all my adoring fans. Then, Josh Wilson came and picked me up and told me it WASN'T all about me! WHAT? Come to find out, all of those people were clapping for the newly married couple and not me! (Talk about embarrassing!!!) Josh laughed really hard at me...look at him!

All in all, it was a really fun night. I'm sorry I missed the wedding but someone should have let me go up there and stand with my daddy and I wouldn't have yelled his name so loud. There would probably be a lot more pictures but my mommy was really feeling bad and was not on her A game!

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Baylee's Mommy said...

ok I find it VERY funny that Jonah thought all of the clapping was for him! Silly boy!
I worry how Baylee will do in the 2 weddings we have coming up. One in may and one in June!

michael and anne said...

this whole post made me laugh. hilarious. you read Jonah's mind so well. teach me how to do that!


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