Friday, April 4, 2008

Potty Time and Prayers!

Yes, odd title, I know! But, if you keep reading, you will understand. Our little Jonah bug used the potty 3 times last night. Yes, our little baby boy is beginning the process of potty training. We are NOT pushing him at all but just allowing him to get used to the idea. We bought the potty seat a couple of months ago and have had it in the back bathroom so he could get familiar with it. Two nights ago, I sat him on the potty before bath time. He did exactly what he needed to do and then applauded himself. Ya gotta love that kid's self esteem!!!

So, last night, I did the same thing before his bath. Once again, we had success. So, before his bedtime routine, we thought we would try again. He sat on the potty for about 15 minutes then did his business...both kinds! Whoo-hooo! I'm sure you can believe this but I DID take a picture but I will refrain from posting it. I mean, seriously...who besides a mother would want to see that??

I took a few pictures of the waiting last night. He had his Brown Bear book there to keep him occupied. We all (including Max) sat in there while waiting on things to happen.

Out of nowhere, he clasped his hands to pray. You have to understand our life lately for this to make sense. Ever since Jonah grasped the idea of praying, we do it A LOT! I mean...ALL THE TIME! For instance, at LaFiesta last week, we said the blessing about 12 times. The kid loves to pray. I guess that works out well since he is a Preacher's Kid!

We don't want to discourage him from praying because we want him to grow up understanding he can talk to God anytime. It doesn't have to be meal time or bed time or even church time. So, when he was sitting on the potty and clasped his hands, we did too! We paused and thanked God for the potty seat. We said Amen, he said amen and he went back to reading Brown Bear.

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Karin said...


Olivia Grace Moon said...

Wow that is very impressive pottying and praying happening at the Glenn house! Way to go Jonah!

Joey, Jennifer, Jordyn and Jana Claire said...

Way to go Jonah! We missed our window of opportunity with Jordyn at about 18 months old and then it took until 2 1/2 to get it together! Good idea to get him use to the idea! Good luck!

Baylee's Mommy said...

Nicki did u REALLY take pictures of his poo?? You are such a GOOBER! LOL

Lauren said...

We just got back online after and I went to your blog and let me say I am impressed! We've had the potty in Ethan's bathroom for awhile and try to make him sit on it before bathtime but he just screams and wants to get in the tub!


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