Monday, April 21, 2008

Lazy Saturday

When I got up Saturday morning, I watched Little Einsteins on TV while mommy made cinnamon rolls for breakfast. I was quite cozy in my little black chair. I even used one of mommy's blankets to cover up.

After breakfast, I decided to do a few pushups. I wore my sunglasses while working out just in case it got to bright in the room.
Mommy tried to take my picture but Max kept jumping in front of me. He is such a camera hog sometimes!

Daddy was working on his Itunes library when I discovered the little ear phones. Did you know music comes out of those??? I did a little bit of dancing once I discovered that.

I had a great morning with my mom and dad. Me and mommy were both feeling pretty yucky so we stayed around the house. We were supposed to be in Jackson for Gavin's birthday party but I had fever and mommy still hadn't recovered from being sick. Sometimes a lazy day is all you need to recover from feeling yucky. Although it was fun at home, I was ready to get out of the house. I had been at home since Tuesday because I was sick. That is a lot of time at home for a little one who is used to going somewhere EVERY day!

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