Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I had a great weekend! My Uncle Doug and his family came to our house Friday night. They got here about an hour before bedtime. Ella and I took our bedtime bath together. It is much more fun to have someone in the tub with me. We splashed A LOT!!!!

Saturday, our dad's got up VERY early to go play golf. When I got up, I ate breakfast, got dressed and headed to Baton Rouge with my mom, Aunt Allison, Ella and Amelia. We stopped at Macaroni Grill first. We ALL enjoyed that. Amelia didn't get any pasta. She only had Blueberry flavored puffs!

Our next stop was at the New Balance store. I was in need of new shoes. While my feet were measured, Ella played with the shoe horn. I think she could have gotten a job there!

The next morning, Ella and I took some pictures before I got dressed for Church. Please excuse our faces because we were both in the midst of breakfast!

After I was dressed for church, my dad let me help sort the silverware out of the dishwasher. Don't worry...if I touch the eating part then it goes back in the dishwasher.
Ella decided to help us. I'm all about recruiting people to help me do my chores!!!
Since Ella was going to be gone when I got home from church, I had to get one last kiss from her. Yep, we are kissing cousins!
My mom told me it was time to leave for church but I didn't want to go because I wanted to stay so I could play with Ella. I ran from her and crawled up on the couch. That didn't work because she came and got me anyway!

I'm so glad they came to visit this weekend. My dad and Uncle Doug are going to play closer to his house sometime soon and we are going there to visit them. I can't wait!

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