Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Brown Bear & Macaroni Grill

My dad's power cord for his MAC went out. If you don't know my dad or know about his MAC obsession then you don't really know the significance of this. Anyway, after his mini-meltdown, we opted to drive to Baton Rouge to get the new cord rather than order one and have to wait for it to arrive. Fortunately, they have opened a new Apple store in Baton Rouge or we might have had to drive to Memphis or Dallas.

I got to take Brown Bear on the trip with me. I held the book for the entire trip. My parents put a different movie in my DVD players so I could get acquainted with more Disney characters since we are going there soon. I watched Toy Story on the way there and really liked "BUS." (Buzz Lightyear) I was already entranced in the movie when we stopped for gas. Mom tried to get me to smile but I was more interested in the movie.

Daddy, on the other hand, kind of goobed out and smiled from the outside. I guess he wanted to be in the picture. That smile should show you how happy he was to be on his way to the Apple store.

Our first stop in Baton Rouge was at Macaroni Grill. Daddy had a horrific experience in the bathroom with me and a diaper. Without going into much detail, I don't think he will be changing any more diapers when we are out. Mommy knew it was bad when daddy called from the bathroom saying "Get me another diaper, FAST!!!" Then, as she ran to the bathroom, a man met her to get the diaper. When other men step in to help, you know the daddy is in trouble. (In his defense, it wasn't his fault. I just happened to "GO" while the diaper wasn't covering anything!)

I overheard my parents say the reason they chose Macaroni Grill is because I could have spaghetti. I'll have you know, that they decided to just let me eat off their plates and neither them had spaghetti. Is that fair? Mommy had something gross with spinach in it and daddy had something with mushrooms. Yeah, that says toddler food! Thank goodness my mommy had applesauce packed. I dined on that instead.

This is what I did when I got tickled. I kept throwing my head back and laughing. Even the people at the other tables thought I was cute. (I heard them say it!)

The one redeeming thing of this place is the fact you can color on the tables. I'm wish I could do that at home.
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Jeff, Abbey, and Reed Land said...

Reed LOVES Brown Bear!

Barb said...

you should have come to Dallas. Then I could have met Jonah!


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