Wednesday, March 5, 2008

We were tagged!

I was tagged by Audra to list 5 Things You May Not Know About Me. I decided to let the whole family participate. Here goes...

1. My doctor won't let me wear flip-flops.
My wife bought the coolest flip flops for me a few years back and I loved them. But, I started having foot problems (plantar fascitis) and the Dr. nixed flip-flops for me. That stinks!
2. I despise having long fingernails.
I cut my fingernails VERY often. I never bite them.
3. I don't like overhead light when I am at home.
I am all about lamps. I turn the overhead light off as soon as I get home. I could go forever without turning an overhead light on.
4. I listen to my IPOD every where I go.
It doesn't matter how long I will be in my car, I turn my IPOD on. That may be what most of you do but most of you probably don't live 1/2 mile from work. I am literally in my car less than 2 minutes but ALWAYS listen to my IPOD for that short time.
5. I always put my left shoe on first. No matter what!
No explanation needed!

1. I always take my right shoe off in the car seat and high chair.
My mom thought something was wrong with me because I always take that shoe off. She thought it was some sort of obsessive thing. Even my teachers at school tell mom that I do it every time they put me in the high chair. A few weeks ago when Kason was here, his mom told us that he does the same thing with his left shoe. That made my mom feel better.
2. If a door is open, I must close it!
I can not see a door open and not close it. It doesn't matter if I am home, at school, the mall, someone else's house, I must close it.
3. I refuse to say Please.
My vocabulary is expanding daily. I say and repeat most anything my parents say. But, I refuse to say please. I've said it once and I am stopping there. They say it every time I ask them for something and try to make me say it before they give me what I want. I just stare at them. I guess someday I might decide to oblige them and be polite but for now, I like to see them cringe when I don't say it.
4. I must have something in my hands when I eat breakfast.
I won't take a bite of my breakfast unless I have something to play with. It doesn't have to be anything exciting, it just has to be something. (ie. a spoon, a car, a book, a bottle of vitamins, etc.)
5. I love hanging out in my closet.
As weird as it may be, one of my favorite places to hang out is in my closet. My mom started putting some toys in there so I will have something to do when I go in there. She is always worried I'm going to get shut in there.

1. I love to get in my crate!
It isn't necessarily the crate I love, it is more like the treat I get for going in the crate. I start trembling when I can tell the family is about to leave. That is my signal that it is time to head towards my crate.
2. Sometimes I eat my own vomit.
Don't worry...I won't go into detail on this one!
3. I don't like to get my feet wet.
This creates a big problem when it is raining and I need to take care of business. A few weeks ago, I had to spend the whole day with Dr. Gregg before my surgery. He told my dad that they let me outside several times and I wouldn't go because I didn't want to get my feet wet. People keep telling me I am a dog but I refuse to listen to that garbage.
4. When Jonah cries at night, I always run as fast as I can to his bed in case he happened to throw up.
Once again, no comment is needed!
5. I can catch a Frisbee out of the air.
That may not seem like a super big deal to you but let me remind you that I am a poodle. Poodles are not supposed to be able to do that but I can. I guess that makes me extraordinary! :-)

1. I must answer the phone when it rings.
I don't know why but I cannot let a phone ring without answering it. It isn't because I wonder who is calling because we have Caller ID. It is an obsession I guess.
2. I have dental floss everywhere, chap stick and lotion everywhere.
Anywhere that I spend any amount of time, I have a stash of dental floss, chap stick and lotion right beside me. Look in my desk drawer at work. Check out the basket beside my recliner. Look in my car. The top drawer next to my bed has all three. (Even some of my friends keep it at their house because they know me so well!!!)
3. I am addicted to EMAIL! I check it like 5000 times a day.
I am so over the top addicted to Email. I used to hate to travel because I would be away from a computer too long. Now, (thanks to my boss) I have a Blackberry and get email immediately. That has helped my compulsiveness of having to get to a computer but has probably only fueled the fire.
4. I am not a fan of TV.
That may not be a completely accurate statement because I do watch some TV. But, I would not be the least bit sad if TV went away completely. I am totally one of those people that could give up TV at home and be okay. My only problem is that I would be a widow because my husband would DIE if we didn't have a TV.
5. I always wanted to be a waitress.
When we were in seminary, we made the commitment to work really hard and graduate from seminary with no debt. Because of this, we decided to get part-time jobs to work at nights and the weekends to make extra money to pay for the next semester. I told Dan I was going to apply to be a waitress at one of the many restaurants in Fort Worth. He laughed...OUT LOUD! He said "Baby, you aren't coordinated and you can't carry your glass to the table without spilling it!" I told him I had always wanted to be a waitress and I thought I'd be good at it since I have a friendly personality. He explained to me that no personality could make up for spilling soup in some one's lap. He dashed my hopes of waitressing and I ended up in Customer Service at Dillards!!!!

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