Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tool Man

Jonah has developed a great love of "helping" me in the kitchen. He likes to cook, clean, wipe, watch, etc. I have been letting him stand in a chair next to me but I can't concentrate on what I am doing because I'm afraid he will fall off the chair onto the tile floor. I love the fact that he likes to help but I want him to be safe while helping.

I have been thinking about Ella & Amelia's gift from Granddaddy and Granny for Christmas. They got a LEARNING TOWER. They asked if Jonah wanted one but he was not at all into the kitchen activities at that point. So, we went with his train set instead. Since that time, he has developed quite a love for "helping!" So, I went online and ordered one for Jonah. It was delivered last Wednesday. Jonah helped daddy put it together after church. He was WAY into helping.

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