Sunday, March 2, 2008

The sweetest thing EVER!!!

We have a little night time routine that involves changing into PJ's, drinking milk, brushing teeth, reading a story and then saying prayers. We have done this for quite some time now. Just in the last couple of days, Jonah has been clasping his hands for the prayer. Tonight, I was able to catch it on film and in video. I walked in after he had done it tonight but Dan picked the book back up and read the last page. Jonah knows that means it is time to pray. You will see that on the video.

Before Jonah was ever born, I would pray for the his birth and for significant milestones in his life. Even now, I continue to pray for those things. (well, not his birth because that is done!) So many of those things seem so far in the future but I pray for them consistently. (ie, his future mate, his college/career choice, his character & integrity, etc) One of the things I pray for is the day that he recognizes his need for a savior and in turn asks Jesus into his heart. Obviously, that is something that is still years away but even now, we do our part as his parents to lay the foundation he needs in order to make that decision a very easy one for him. Tonight was a benchmark moment in my life as a parent. It was so precious for me to see my little 19 month old boy to clasp his hands to say his nighttime prayer. AAAUGH...could life get ANY better than this????

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Karin said...

Soooo sweet!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Thats just too sweet him folding his hands sooo sweet

Anonymous said...

You are such a sweet little boy. You did a great job on your prayers. I just love your site and watching you grow.
Mary Ann Doughty


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