Monday, March 31, 2008

St. Jude Trikeathon

Friday was the big Trikeathon for St. Jude at Jonah's daycare. He only goes there twice a week and Friday is not his regular day. But, since we collected money, we wanted him to participate in the event. I'm not sure when children can truly comprehend what it means to help others and the importance of giving but that is a value we hope to instill in him at a young age. So, we thought it would be good to start with the Trikeathon. St. Jude is such a wonderful organization and we were so happy to do something to benefit them.

When we began the process of collecting money for the Trikeathon, we forgot one very important element...A TRICYCLE!!! Yeah, Jonah doesn't have one. I've never even thought about getting one because I thought he was too young. Apparently not! So, that will be on my short list of things to purchase for him in the next few months. I even saw a Radio Flyer one on Amazon's Gold Box Deals a couple of weeks ago that was regular $80 marked down to $20 for just one hour! What was I thinking by not ordering that???

Anyway, we loaded up his Cozy Coupe and headed to Presbyterian Playschool for the big event. They had the parking lot closed off so the kids would be completely safe so we had to carry his car in there. Dan was just going to push it but Jonah really wanted to ride!

He was too busy checking out all of his friends and the tricycles to even smile for a picture.

This picture cracks me up. He looks like he is checking out this other kid's ride! And, he seems to be a bit annoyed that the kids is touching him.

After a little while, Jonah's class came outside. He was very happy to see his friend Aiden. They gave each other a high five as soon as they saw each other.
I convinced Jonah to let Aiden ride in his car for a few minutes. He was not very happy about this decision but eventually warmed up to it.
He even decided to push Aiden around the parking lot. I think he really wanted to ride but if he couldn't ride then pushing was the next best thing.

Dan ended up entertaining a crew of kids who seemed to be very smitten with him. He quickly made friends with Abby and she never left his side. Jonah would join their group every few minutes but quickly moved back to more exciting things.
He really wanted to ride Abby's Elmo car but she wasn't budging! It is tough being a kid. He didn't understand why he could ride it and she couldn't understand why he wanted her car. I eventually convinced him into going with me to find the director so we could turn in his collected money.

After he gave Ms. Aretha his money and donation envelope, we went in search of his two best friends in his class. We found them riding together.

Jonah & Aiden sat on the sidewalk and watched Catie Grey ride in the car for a little bit. It was so fun to watch these three play and interact. I would love to know what they were saying to each other. Baby talk fascinates me!

When all was said and done, Jonah met his goal of $400 and had a fabulous time at the Trikeathon. Thanks to all of you who sent money and helped him help others! I pray we NEVER need the services of St. Jude but I am so grateful it is there for those who do.

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Karin said...

Cute :) Well, if it makes you feel better, I just purchased Kevin's first tricycle this morning!! At Target, of course!!! :) It was a Diego one with lights & sounds - ha! It's for his 4th bday next week :)

Pops & NeNe said...

Wow - Jonah - you did a GREAT job in raising money for St. Jude. Pops and NeNe are so proud of you! We are hoping to get to see you and your family soon - hated the weekends didn't work out :(. Maybe we can make a day trip there soon. Those crocs are sure looking cute on you! Love you!


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