Saturday, March 29, 2008

I love ELMO! (And egg hunt #3)

I'm still not sure if you realize just how much I love Elmo. I can spot him almost anywhere. Even my diapers have Elmo on the front of them. My mom found a lady in Alabama who sews and she even ordered an Elmo Jon-Jon for me.

I went outside to play but didn't want to leave Elmo inside. So, I took him and let him watch me play. I think he enjoyed being outside with me. After we played outside for a little while, my mom and dad hid (laid on the concrete) Easter eggs for me. I have gotten pretty fond of finding eggs and putting them in my basket.

These pictures were all taken the Thursday before Easter and I still had 2 or 3 egg hunts ahead of me so I needed the practice. After the tiring work of putting all those eggs in the basket, I went inside for snack of whole grain goldfish and raisins. I let Elmo sit next to me while I ate and watched him on TV!

Max stuck pretty close by me and Elmo just in case I dropped something. He loves the fact that I am sometimes kind of messy.

My mom has tried to determine if I love my Brown Bear book or Elmo more. She thinks it is a close race that would probably be won by Brown Bear BUT Elmo is just out there more than Brown Bear. Every where you go you see something with Elmo on it. Brown Bear is a little less visable. It doesn't really matter to me which I love more because I love them BOTH!
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winstead family said...

he's so CUTE!!!!! i love looking at the pics!

i tagged you on my blog!


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