Sunday, March 23, 2008


The Easter Bunny made a visit to our house last night and a certain little boy was very happy to see what was left. He was overly impressed to see a majority of items featuring his good buddy ELMO!

One of Jonah's favorite things was his new Elmo toothbrush. You must understand how much this kid LOVES brushing his teeth. It is his MOST FAVORITE thing to do everyday. I told Dan just this weekend that the day is coming that his punishment will be "Ok Jonah, if you do that again, you can't brush your teeth!" We lost count after the 13th time of brushing his teeth Saturday. He loves it. So, a new toothbrush with Elmo was just perfect for him.

Dan read Jonah's new Easter book to him before he headed off to prayer time at the church. Jonah took advantage of eating his dried fruit during the story. We always make sure he gets a book about the real meaning of each holiday. While the Easter Bunny and a basket is fun, we hope that hearing about Jesus at such an early age will help him grasp the sacrifice that was made by Jesus so many years ago. We hope that hearing this over and over will cause Jonah to easily open his heart when Jesus calls him.

Just so you know, these are the shoes Jonah wore all morning. Anytime we might have forgotten who the red things on his feet were, he would look at them, point and say "MELMO!"
Dan left for church about an hour before us. He asked Jonah if he could borrow his new book so he could read it for the Children's Sermon during the service. Jonah said yes then gladly gave daddy a bye kiss! I'm not sure how I got lucky enough to catch that at the perfect moment! Man, I love these two boys!
After church, we took a few pictures of Jonah & Marlie. (aka. Mr. & Mrs. Strasburg) Jonah was a little dazed in these pictures because of a dose of benedryl.

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Here are the two videos I took this morning!

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Anonymous said...

That is the most precious thing ever. I love those two boys too and I love Elbie even more. The Easter Bunny also visited Kason but all Kason was interested in was throwing plastic easter eggs everywhere. I miss yall lots, call me soon. The Easter blog is awesome.

Love, Angie E


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