Wednesday, March 5, 2008


If you remember, I went to the doctor last Friday so Dr. Russ could check my eyes. I had a nice case of pink eye in BOTH eyes These pictures were taken while we waited on Dr. Russ.

Check out this face...I'm (usually) happy even when I don't feel good.
I couldn't go to school and my dad was leaving for Memphis, so I had to go to work with my mom. That meant I got to see Chim.
I even went to lunch with my mom, Chim and Cathy. They walked down Main Street to Vaughan's Bakery so I got to go in my stroller. I just sat in it to eat lunch. That was fine with me because I wasn't feeling all that great
In my mom's never ending quest to get me to eat, she brought a plate to the table for me filled with a spoonful of most everything on the buffet. I settled on strawberries.

I got tired of sitting there, so Chim took me for a stroll down Main Street while my mom and Cathy finished eating.
After we got home, I took a long, much needed nap! When I woke up, I was RARING to go. Man, I had so much energy. I kept standing on the beanbag and my mom kept telling me to sit on my bottom. She was worried I would fall.
But, I would stand right back up until she told me to sit again. I probably would have just sat down like she asked but she pulled the camera out so I took that to mean she wanted me to stand up. Hmmm...grown-ups confuse me sometimes!

I played on my beanbag for a really long time. I thought it was great fun! I kept peering out the window in hopes of seeing my dad but mommy told me he was in Memphis and wouldn't be home until tomorrow.

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