Sunday, March 30, 2008

Easter Eggs

What an adventure we had dyeing Easter Eggs. (OK, so I'm a week late blogging about this...sorry!) This little boy had a blast. I have a couple of videos I haven't uploaded yet but they will give you a much better idea of our experience!) As you check out these pictures, notice the clean onesie Jonah is wearing. It is much more COLORFUL at the end of this post! We tried to teach him to use the little tool for getting the eggs in and out. He preferred his hands!

Wow...what fun that was. We boiled 24 eggs and let Jonah dye them all. Of the 24 only 2 were not severely cracked. I'm really glad we weren't supposed to deliver these eggs to any kind of function!
Stay tuned...videos to come!

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Barb said...

So fun! I still love dying Easter eggs, and do it nearly every year (see my blog for this year's pics). Jonah is adorable as always. Love the colorful hands!


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