Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter Egg Hunt # 4

I went to the Easter Egg Hunt at the Methodist Church in Vidalia last Saturday. Cathy met us outside and walked me over. Chim chose golf over me. Sad, huh? Mom sent her camera with us and Mrs. Robin took all these pictures for her. My mom and dad even stood in the front yard and watched us. I never saw them because I was too busy collecting all my eggs.

I did the hard job of finding the eggs and Cathy held my basket for me. Yeah, I've got people! I don't even hold my own basket, I have people do it for me. Ahhh...what a life!

I don't really want to talk bad about her but Cathy wasn't very good at hunting for eggs. Look what she found...a Styrofoam cup! Ummm...that's not an egg! I told her I would take over from that point on and she could just go back to carrying my basket for me.

My dad met me at the door to check out my loot! I showed him all of my eggs and then showed him how to open the eggs to see what was inside.
Since it was kind of warm outside, the chocolate melted inside the eggs. Daddy had to go through each of them to throw away the eggs with melted chocolate. After he did that, I got to play with my basket and eggs. (I'm pretty sure he was just looking to see if I got any jelly beans!)

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dancy said...

Nicki! It is so good to hear from glad that you found my blog. Jonah is so precious...I can't wait for Jack to get into that stage. Darby also has a little boy, Kason, who will be one in April. Darb, mom and I actually live within one mile of each other, so she keeps the boys. I would love to know how the family is doing!

Baylee's Mommy said...

I love the soccer ball basket and the picture of Jonah grabbing the egg out of the tree! Great pics!


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