Sunday, March 16, 2008

Collecting for St. Jude

On March 28th, I am participating in a Trikeathon to raise money for St. Jude. I have gotten a few sponsors already but I am trying to raise $400. That is $20 for every month I have been alive. (As of the day of the Trikeathon!) So, my mom and I headed out to see some of our neighbors tonight. I had to eat a big meal so I could be at the top of my persuasion game!

After finishing off a scrumptious bowl of spaghetti, I got on my Tot Rod, grabbed my pledge sheet and got ready to head out.

After I made sure every thing was in working order, I headed down the street towards the Merritt and Welch houses. I put my pledge sheet behind my back so I could focus on driving.

I pulled right in the driveway at the Merritt's and almost ran over Sassy. Poor dog...she isn't used to having a toddler around. She just isn't quick enough for me
I gave the pledge sheet to Beppa and was ready to do my spill for her but she already knows about St. Jude and was more than happy to help me out.
While she was busy writing a check, I went out to help Uncle Cliff finishing blowing off the driveway. I bet he is glad I showed up to help...that was a lot of work.

I headed over to the Welch's house next and was completely distracted by the basketball. How's a kid supposed to raise money for St. Jude when there is a ball around??

After showing Aunt B how it is done on the basketball court, we headed back down the street to see The Biglane's. I didn't have to work hard there either because they know all about St. Jude too. Apparently St. Jude helps a lot of really sick kids.

After Mr. Pat went in and wrote his check, he came back out and then took me to my house and pushed me in my swing for a long time. How nice is that? A donation AND fun times in my swing!
By the way, if you want to help me reach my goal for St. Jude, feel free to send a check (made out to St. Jude) to my house within the next week. My granddaddy sent his check with a very sweet letter about how good it is I am helping kids who are less fortunate than me. My mom took pictures of me reading the letter but the stinkin' flash wasn't on and they didn't work. So, you will all miss out on that moment. But, maybe she could recreate the moment if you send me a check! :-)

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Pops & NeNe said...

Hi Jonah. Pops and NeNe support St. Jude too - so we are going to send you a check to help you reach your goal. We love you. Hope we get to keep you this weekend - or the next weekend. We love you!


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