Saturday, February 16, 2008

Working on Valentines

The night before Jonah's Valentine party at Preschool was such a busy time. We had to make out his Valentines for his friends and teachers. The first five minutes of this was great fun. After that, it became a lot of work! Jonah was more than willing to help but it was his own special kind of help, if you know what I mean. If you want to see how much Jonah has changed since last year, click here to see him doing the same thing a year ago!

Max stuck pretty close to Jonah just in case he happened to drop anything that might be edible!
We finally moved to the kitchen table so we would have a hard surface to write on.

Jonah got bored at one point and decided to build a tower of blocks instead. He is very good at stacking blocks but even better at knocking them down. AND, if you have never heard the sound of a tower of blocks falling on a tile floor, you really should! It is the fastest way to a headache that I know of!

I think he realized he was missing out on the Valentine fun so he got back in my lap then onto the table to help out.

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Karin said...

That was quite a tower!


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