Friday, February 22, 2008

Trying other food?

When we saw Dr. Russ for Jonah's 18 month visit, I was telling her about his aversion to meat. She asked if we had tried fish sticks. I had never thought about trying them so we bought some at Wal-Mart last Saturday. Dan insisted on buying the ones that were in the shape of a fish. I tried dinosaur shaped chicken a few weeks ago. The dinosaurs didn't work and neither did the fish. He only put the fish in his mouth long enough to lick the ketchup off of it. He did take a bite, chew for a second, the spit all of the fish and crust out. Jeepers! This kid hates meat!

Jamie suggested I try the Lunchable Juniors because Olivia loves those. I bought the ham version and the turkey version and he hated them both. He ate the "cackas" (crackers) out of both packs but passed on the cheese and meat. I guess I have a vegetarian on my hands???

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Karin said...

how funny!! I've heard of doing tricks to grind up veggies into other food -- maybe you need to try it with meat! ;)


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